Push to educate public on safety tips

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In a world where shootings, robberies, and assaults happen every day, it’s not a bad idea to educate yourself on possible red flags.

“See something, say something. Please let us know,” said Chief Ron Camacho with the Chambersburg Police Department.

Following yet another mass shooting last week, and a push from the public for knowledge on how to stay safe, Chief Camacho called for a series of public meetings to address concerns.

“If you pick up on any signs from anybody that’s threatening violence, you have to report it. You have to let somebody know. Whether that’s a coworker, a student, a friend, a family member, the best way to prevent it is by giving that knowledge to the police,” said Chief Camacho.

This seminar offered the public signs to look for to stay safe at home or in your day-to-day life.

“Some behavior identification. Some physical identification that we can pick up on on a bad guy if they are going to assault you. Clenched fists, heavy breathing, stuff like that,” said Chief Camacho.

The chief says one way to stay safe is by being aware of your surroundings.

For example if you’re walking through a parking lot and looking down at your phone, you might not notice what’s going on around you.

That makes you an easy target. Someone can sneak up behind you and you might not even notice they are there.

“There’s been a thirst for knowledge, this type of knowledge, specifically active shooter. And now this. If they want this information, I’m there to give it to them,” said Chief Camacho.

The first meeting was held earlier this month.

People learned how they can protect themselves in active shooter situations.

“It's important because they need to know the safety and the mentality of the shooter, what they need to be aware of,” said Brian Hann, VP of First Responders to the Rescue.

Chief Camacho says he would like to keep these meetings a regular part of the borough’s agenda.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out to the department.

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