AAA offers ways to save money on gas as prices continue to rise

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Getting from point A to point B this Memorial Day weekend may take longer than expected. AAA says holiday travel will be up about five percent, even with gas prices at their highest this weekend since 2014.

AAA expects nearly 42 million Americans to kick off Memorial Day weekend with a getaway. So, whether you're headed to the mountains, beaches, or lakes, expect some delays and congestion.

"Everybody has a place to be," said Trooper Brent Miller, Pennsylvania State Police. "We want everybody to arrive at their destination safely."

For people hitting the roadways, Trooper Miller reminds everyone to obey the speed limit, don't drink and drive, and don't drive distracted.

"Just be aware of your surroundings," said Trooper Miller. "Don't drive distracted and particularly don't text and drive. Focus on what's ahead of you on the roadway."

Travel is expected to be up five percent this year from last. AAA says it's partly because the economy seems to be doing well and the unemployment rate is low.

"They're willing to take on a little extra debt just to have that first travel for the year,' said Doni Lee Spiegel, AAA Central Penn public relations manager. "They want to see new places, make more memories, take some great photos, see some people they haven't seen in a while. The higher gas prices really aren't deterring people to get out there and have some fun."

For people planning to travel this weekend, aside from expecting traffic, be prepared to pay more at the pump. AAA says gas prices are the highest they've been this Memorial Day weekend in the last four years but they have ways people can save money.

"Do the speed limit," said Spiegel. "Research shows that every 5 miles per hour you do over 50 miles per hour is equivalent to spending an extra $.18 more per gallon of gas. Also, keep your vehicle load lighter that will save you some gas as well."

Trooper Miller also reminds people drinking this weekend to not drive. He says there are plenty of ways to find a safe way home including taxis, Uber, Lyft, and an app called "Safer Ride" you can find in your app store.

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