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Artsfest continues in Harrisburg on Monday

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Artsfest will continues in Harrisburg on Monday.

The annual festival is set up along Front Street at Riverfront Park during Memorial Day weekend. It features over 200-artists, musicians, and even activities for children.

Many of the artists share their passion for creativity with their spouses. "Everyday Balloons Print" is a husband and wife team who combined their illustration skills to create unique pieces.

For event organizers, the festival is all about getting the public to see the creative pieces that are for sale.

"It's probably three words, Art-Connect-Community. Because art has this way of making people connect to each other, whether it's somebody coming in looking for a particular pottery piece and talking to that artists. That's what it is, art connects communities connects people," said Melissa Snyder, Executive Director of Jumpstreet.

That connection continues Monday with the last day of the festival running from 10 am. until 5 p.m. Admission is free; there is also free parking at the Market Square garage.