ADAPT Pharma rolls out online platform for group purchasers of NARCAN Nasal Spray

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Naloxone distribution may be more efficient thanks to an online platform via ADAPT Pharma (Adapt).

The company announced the launch of Tuesday, which is for qualifying group purchasers of NARCAN Nasal Spray (NARCAN).

Adapt offers NARCAN at a discounted public interest price of $37.50 per dose to qualifying governmental and nonprofit organizations, including law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical services, harm reduction groups, and federal and states governmental entities, the news release states.

The site offers central ordering and billing, local delivery to recipients, rapid online order and shipment tracking, to name a few.

“ADAPT Pharma has helped us develop and operationalize our state-wide distribution networks for NARCAN Nasal Spray,” said Derin Myers, Acting Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. “Adapt’s process has helped us set up multiple distribution points enabling the management of a single bill while distributing across the state to first responders and our Single County Authorities (SCAs).

Existing customer details will be pre-loaded onto the site. Adapt invites new customers to complete the registration process to seek approval. is subject to terms and conditions including a minimum order of one case (12 units).

This online application complements the Adapt Customer Service line that continues to accept orders at 1-844-4-NARCAN or via email at

“ was developed to support group purchases of NARCAN tasked with accessing and rapidly distributing NARCAN to those first responders on the frontline of this opioid epidemic,” said Matt Ruth, Adapt’s US Chief Commercial Officer.

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