FOX43 Finds Out: Passport Problems

NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa -- Edward Stanton, who goes by Paul, says he was born in Montgomery County on July 11th, 1944.

The problem? He doesn't have a lot of proof.

Stanton, who now lives in York County, doesn't have his original birth certificate, the one that's issued when you're born.

He does have a Baptismal Certificate though.

Stanton says that baptismal certificate is not enough for him to get a passport and he says he has talked to passport offices about it several times.

"Back in 1997 and then I tried once again a few years ago to get a passport card," Said Stanton.

Stanton needs a passport to travel to Quebec to attend his mother-in-law's memorial service in August.

She passed away a few months ago and he wasn't able to say goodbye in person.

Stanton said, "It`s frustrating because I would like to go up and visit relatives whenever there`s a family function."

For years, Stanton never had a problem traveling back and forth between the US and Canada without a passport.

Then, the rules changed.

He said, "Nobody ever questioned it. The Canadians didn't question it. The US didn't question it. So, it would be nice to resolve the issue."

Stanton does have another proof of citizenship.

"When I went to get a social security card, my mother went in with me with a baptismal certificate and the social security people said fine, no problem."

And he says that social security card was enough to get his wife a green card.

Stanton`s wife, Margo, is a Canadian citizen.

"Immigration and Naturalization service weren`t at all concerned about my birth certificate, in fact they didn`t even ask to see the baptismal certificate."

Stanton does have a birth certificate from the State Department of Health`s Vital Records - it`s just delayed.

"Which means that it was issues more than 6 months after I was born and it was issued on the basis of a baptismal certificate," he said.

He`s been told that`s not enough and that he would need some other proof like school records.

"Or a living relative who can testify to my birth. All my relatives are no longer living. Neither my mother or father are living, none of the other relatives are living. No siblings that I know of," said Stanton.

FOX43 Finds Out tried to get some answers for Stanton.

We contacted the US Department of State and we were told they couldn`t discuss individual a cases and said that Stanton should call 1-877-487-2778,  which he has in the past.

We also contacted the US Embassy in Canada, that`s part of the Department of State, so they couldn`t really help us either.

We called United States Senators for Pennsylvania Pat Toomey and Bob Casey, both of those offices have been in contact with Stanton, but no luck yet.

The same for Congressman Scott Perry`s office.

We even contacted the Montgomery County Historical Society to see if they had any records or maybe even a birth announcement in the newspapers.

They couldn`t find anything either.

The Montgomery County Courthouse only has birth records from 1883-1915, so that doesn`t help us.

We also called the hospital Stanton might have been born and the that hospital says it doesn`t keep those records either.

The State Department of Health also told us it has no other records of Stanton's birth, besides his delayed birth certificate.

We also talked to US Customs and Border Protection and they couldn`t help either.

Stanton said, "I can`t be the only person in American who this is happening to."

After more than a month of trying to get answers for Stanton, he finally got a call from the passport office in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

The passport employee told Stanton to submit his passport again and to follow up with him in a few weeks.

At this point, Stanton is just hoping someone from his childhood or family may recognize him from this story and can vouch for him.

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