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Police warn of iTunes gift card scam affecting one Adams County church

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.– Police are warning citizens of a scam in which an unknown person was asking church parishioners for iTunes gift cards to help pay for cancer treatment.

According to an Eastern Adams Regional Police Facebook post, the victim was contacted by email by an unknown person and was told that his priest at St. Francis Catholic Church had stated that another person in the parish had cancer and needed help.

The unknown person requested a contribution of $200 in iTunes gift cards, and the victim proceeded to tell the unknown person the numbers off of the back of the cards.

After the person received the numbers they stopped sending emails.

The victim spoke with the priest who said that several people in the church received the same email, with no knowledge of who sent them.

The priest said that he didn’t request for funds to be sent to anyone, and was going to call all of the church parishioners to advise them of the scam.

If anyone is contacted to donate money with a gift card, this is a fraud and you should contact the PA State Attorney General’s Fraud Unit to report this crime.