West Hempfield Township officer play basketball with local children

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Photo Credit: West Hempfield Township Police Department

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A local police officer spent some time playing basketball with local children on Tuesday.

According to a West Hempfield Township Police Department Facebook post, a woman took her 4-year-old son to the park to play basketball with his cousins when a police officer approached.

The woman said her son’s first reaction was to run to her screaming “Mommy, there is a cop!”

However, the woman wanted her son to know that he shouldn’t be afraid of an officer, and Karl Hartranft of the West Hempfield Township Police department took time to play basketball with the kids and show them his police vehicle.

Officer Hartranft also offered the woman and the children a chance to tour the new police station.

The kids then posed with Officer Hartranft for a few pictures:

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