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Police: Phone scammers posing as law enforcement are targeting Steelton residents

STEELTON — Police are warning Steelton area residents of a potential phone scam where callers claiming to be from the Steelton Police Department are demanding money.

According to police, the scammers are calling residents and alleging they have unpaid parking tickets, outstanding arrest warrants or that they have missed a jury duty summons. In each case, the scammers claim the residents need to pay a fine immediately to avoid being arrested. They ask the residents to purchase prepaid credit cards and provide the callers with the number. They may also ask for cash, a cashier’s check, a money wire, or some other form of payment, police say.

The callers are “spoofing” the Steelton Police Station phone number (717-939-9840) and that they have heavy foreign accents, according to police.

Steelton Police remind residents that no one from the department, nor from any other law enforcement agency, will ever call a resident to solicit or demand money for any reason. Residents who receive a call of this nature should immediately hang up and report it to local police.