Stopping State Street speeders, people fill out surveys for in first phase of Vision Zero Network Plan

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Making State Street safer is the goal of Harrisburg city officials. About a month ago, they announced they would start the process of adopting a Vision Zero Network Plan. Wednesday and Thursday city employees were out on the streets conducting surveys listening to people living along State Street about what the problems are.

Speeding and running red lights are two of the biggest concerns for people living, working and going to school in the area of State and North 17th Streets.

"It's like the cars try to race to beat the lights," said Pamela Spencer, lives on State Street.

With a school and daycare next to each other on the street, Starkisha Williams who lives and works on the street says, the speeding makes the morning stressful.

"The morning rush is the worst," said Williams. "The children are out here, we have crossing guards out here, but they [drivers] don't care."

City employees spent the last two days out on the streets talking with people in the area about the problems they see, possible solutions and surveys to fill out.

"We've seen them come, we've seen them take pictures, we've seen them look," said Williams. "So that's positive for us, That makes us feel good."

When it comes to possible solutions, neighbors seem to be on the same page. They'd like to see police catching speeders.

"I think if they see cop presence, you know it doesn't have to be everyday, but if they know sometimes that there's gonna be a cops they'll slowdown in that area,' said Spencer. "Because they know there's cops somewhere around."

At the end of the day neighbors don't care what solution is put in place as long as it gets cars to slow down. But, before anything can be done, the city needs to hear from people living in the area through a survey. You can pick one up at Fire Station #2 or complete it online at All surveys must be completed by June 7th.

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