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Worley and Obetz lays off more than 100 employees amid fraud investigation

It was just over two weeks ago when Jeff Lyons, president and CEO of Worley and Obetz, disappeared from his Manheim Township home.

At the time, no one knew why he left of where he went.

But his disappearance actually led to the discovery of potential fraudulent activity in the company.

Due to that, a company statement says they were forced to cut operating costs, resulting in the loss of 45 jobs at the various locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey back on May 21st.

The statement went on to say after one of the energy company’s largest customers learned of the situation, they decided to end their partnership with Worley and Obetz.

As a result, the company will issue a second wave of lay offs at a secondary location in East Lampeter on Friday.

This one will affect 65 employees.

Worley and Obetz describes the situation as, “a inconceivable nightmare.”

The statement also says upon learning about the potential fraud, Seth Obetz, owner of Amerifuel, which is distributed by Worley and Obetz, immediately liquidated his life savings to keep the company going.

They say they have a plan and believe they will come out stronger on the other side.

As for Lyons, he was later found in Minnesota.

The FBI, Lancaster County DA’s office, and the Northern Lancaster Regional Police Department are assisting in the investigation.

Executives at Worley and Obetz say officials are not revealing the progress of the investigation to them, and it could take weeks to complete at minimum.