New police simulator donated to Swatara Twp. Police

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY,  Pa. -- Day in and day out, members of law enforcement tackle different types of situations every day.

Split second decisions that could be life or death.

“As an officer, its our job, to go our there in the real world and make these decisions everyday and communicate with people, effectively," said Cpl. Brandon Pokrop, Swatara Twp. Police.

Brightwood Career Institute donated a lazer shot, use of force simulator to the Swatara Township Police Department.

The Simulator challenges officers; keeping them rehearsed in times of crisis, stressful events or target practice.

“When you’re walking into the simulator and you have no idea what to expect.. your heart does elevate a little bit because you have that unknown, that surprise," said Cpl. Pokrop.

“Being able to have this accessible, will be able to give them..keep that in the back of their mind that these instances do happen from time to time.. and will hopefully prepared them when they do come across one of these instances,” said Lt. Dennis Krahling, Swatara Twp. Police.

The simulator recognizes what the officer is saying.

Helping the officer communicated in a more logical state.

“We love our community here… we have very good people that  live here… So our officer do not face these stressful situations everyday,” said Lt. Krahling.

The simulator has a simple set up but can be a very costly program, ranging anywhere from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“In a time of crisis… and in a time of high stress .. you’re always going to resort back to your training," said Cpl. Pokrop.

“Anytime you can add training to our officers… its invaluable," said Lt. Krahling.

Hands on training will never be replaced, this simulator will just be an addition, between the range days.

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