State Police identify man injured in police-involved shooting at Spring Grove bank

SPRING GROVE -- State Police are still investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred outside a Santander Bank Wednesday evening, but more details in the incident were announced Friday.

According to State Police, the man injured in the shooting, Ryan Shane Smith, 33, of Spring Grove, was being placed under arrest for attempting to rob the bank when the shooting occurred.

Smith entered the bank at approximately 4:30 p.m., police say, and demanded $500,000 from the teller. The teller told Smith he did not have an account with Santander Bank or proper identification, and therefore could not withdraw any money.

Smith became disorderly, police say, and began to threaten employees inside the bank, ignoring requests from several bank employees to elave. He continued to demand $500,000 until bank employees summoned police.

According to the State Police press release, members of the Southwest Regional Police Department arrived and attempted to escort Smith outside, but he again refused to leave and would not cooperate with officers. When the officers attempted to take him into custody, police say, Smith resisted arrest. Officers allegedly fired several Taser darts at Smith, but they were ineffective, according to police.

The officers eventually gained control of Smith and escorted him outside the bank.

A witness inside the bank told FOX43 that Smith was shot in the leg while officers were attempting to get him inside a police car. According to the witness, an officer took out a pistol and shot Smith in the leg.

The shooting occurred about 20 minutes after Smith had been placed in handcuffs, according to the witness.

The State Police press release issued Friday said the officer-involved shooting portion of the incident remains under investigation by State Police and the York County District Attorney's Office. More details will not be released until the investigation is completed, police say.

Smith is charged with resisting arrest, criminal trespass, and two counts of disorderly conduct for his actions inside the bank.

He is currently receiving treatment for his injury at York Hospital, police say.

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