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‘Ask Evan’: “What’s the latest regarding PA property tax elimination?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question deals with property taxes in Pennsylvania.  Ray L asks, "I believe that the bill to reduce/eliminate the Pa school tax at last November's election was voted on and passed.  The question would be - when might this be happening?"

Yes, Pennsylvania voters passed the constitutional amendment on property taxes last November.  However, there has been no immediate impact for homeowners — and it`s possible nothing will change for some time to come.  The vote amendment approved permits legislation that could exempt homeowners from paying property taxes.  If such legislation would pass, taxing authorities like counties, school districts, and municipalities could choose to exempt taxes for up to 100 percent of the assessed value for primary residences.

The sticking point continues to be finding a way to make up for that massive property tax revenue.  Over the years there has been discussion about raising income tax and sales tax, but so far nothing like that has passed.

Currently, Senate and House bills 76 are still awaiting action.  Known as 'The Property Tax Independence Act'-- the legislation would get eliminate property tax and would increase the personal income tax, the sales tax, and expand state sales tax to other items and services currently not taxed.

As far as I can see, action on those bills isn't on the legislative calendar yet.  There is a Facebook page for The Property Tax Independent Act. And property tax elimination is more than likely going to be a hot topic between the two gubernatorial candidates leading up to the November election.

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