Thousands of items confiscated by TSA agents at Harrisburg International Airport every year

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LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - With summer right around the corner, millions of Americans will take to the skies to travel for vacation. Ahead of the busy travel season, TSA is offering people ways to make their trips through security easy.

Belts with hidden knives, lighters that are actually stun guns, and nunchucks are just some of the items confiscated by TSA at Harrisburg International Airport. Mike England with TSA says, every year thousands of pounds of items prohibited in carry-on bags are collected by TSA agents at HIA. England says, a majority of the time people packing these items either forget they were in their bags or they didn't realize they were not allowed. However, there are times when TSA agents have to call police over what they find.

"When we find a firearm or if we feel that a weapon has been artfully conceal, that someone is trying to deliberately deceive TSA and deliberately bring a weapon through," said England. "In that case we will call law enforcement and they'll take it from there."

England reminds people traveling that while some items are not allowed in carry-on luggage, the items can be in checked bags, guns included. Outside of knowing what items not to pack in your luggage, there is a new procedure recently put in place through TSA. Any electronic item bigger than a cell phone will have to be taken out of bags and placed in their own separate bins.

"It enables out x-ray screeners to see inside the devices more clearly," said England. "To see there are no explosives."

To make sure your carry-on bag goes through security quickly, don't overpack. If it's too stuffed, x-ray machines won't be able to get a good look inside and TSA agents will have to open it up. Anyone with questions about what they can and can't bring through security can call TSA. You can also tweet them @AskTSA


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