City Council votes to keep Troy Bankert as York City Police Chief

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.– City Council voted to keep Troy Bankert as York City Police Chief at its city council meeting on Tuesday evening.

York mayor, Michael Helfrich, posted this message on his Facebook page:

I’m pleased to announce that last night York City Council approved the appointment of Troy Bankert to the position of Chief of Police. I look forward to working with Chief Bankert over the next several years.

I’ve attached for the public my initial letter of recommendation of appointment sent to our council members.

Below is Helfrich’s original letter to the council, asking for support of Bankert as the York City Police Chief:

Honorable Members of York City Council,

I am writing to ask for your support in appointing Interim Chief Troy Bankert as the City’s Chief of Police. Since taking over the duties of Chief in January, Interim Chief Bankert has demonstrated that he is a respectful and communicative leader who is able to prioritize tasks and remain calm under incredibly stressful and tragic situations. Interim Chief Bankert approaches the residents of York with not only warmth and compassion, but a commitment to honesty and transparency, as demonstrated by the numerous meetings he has had with community leaders across the City. Chief Bankert is also fluent in Spanish, which is an invaluable skill in a community such as ours where Spanish is the first language for 30-40% of the population. Over the past four months, Chief Bankert and I have established a rapport and strong professional partnership. He has been receptive to my feedback, while also not being afraid to offer pushback, and our conversations are open, honest, and productive.

Interim Chief Bankert is a Yorker. He has honorably served the residents of the City of York for 19 years in the York City Police Department. He is a York City Native and a York College of Pennsylvania graduate, that has worked his way through the ranks serving as a Patrol Officer, Evidence Investigator, Arson Investigator, Field Training Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and now Interim Chief.

Based on my personal experience working with Interim Chief Bankert, as well as feedback I have received from community leaders, business owners, residents, York City Police Department leadership, and York City Police Department officers, it is my opinion that Interim Chief Troy Bankert is the right person to lead the York City Police Department as the City’s Chief of Police. Today, I officially make that recommendation and request that the Honorable Members of City Council approve Interim Chief Bankert’s promotion to Chief of Police for the York City Police Department.

I am also pleased to announce that, with this promotion, Interim Chief Bankert and his family are committing to moving into the City of York within the next 12 months. I know you will share my enthusiasm for having our Chief of Police as a York City resident.

You only need to spend a few minutes with Interim Chief Bankert to know that he is one of those people that “gets it.” He is smart, professional, and caring with a genuine desire to make York City a better place to live, work, and play. I am confident that Interim Chief Bankert will lead the York City Police Department with honor, integrity, respect, fairness, and compassion. Please join me in making Troy Bankert the City’s next Chief of Police.


Michael R. Helfrich

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