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Maryland man facing charges after allegedly stalking woman in Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– A Maryland man is facing charges after being found lying in a victim’s bed and allegedly stalking her for several months.

Jared Leatherman, 28, of Fairplay, Maryland, is facing stalking and harassment charges for the incident.

On May 26, Leatherman appeared at the victim’s residence on Sherwood Drive and Antrim Township.

Leatherman allegedly climbed to the second story of the home, entered the victim’s bedroom and lied down on her bed.

Upon entering the room, the victim demanded that Leatherman leave her home.

According to the victim, he proceeded to harass and stalk her for the next several months.

Leatherman’s actions include allegedly sitting outside the victim’s home, following her in public places, and calling her at all hours of the day from altered or blocked phone numbers.