Cumberland County Vector Control will spray for mosquitoes in Silver Spring Township, Mechanicsburg tonight

When Zika virus made headlines because of its link with the neurological disorder microcephaly, it became the latest in a growing list of mosquito-borne viruses for Americans to worry about.

CARLISLE — The high number of mosquitoes in parts of Silver Spring Township and Mechanicsburg Borough has prompted the Cumberland County Vector Control Office to conduct a follow-up spraying tonight in the affected areas, according to Cumberland County Communications.

The spraying will begin a dusk.

Vector Control will use an ultra-low volume mosquito control treatment of Biomist 3+15 ULV, which is labeled for use around humans and animals. The spray, which is used to reduce high populations of mosquitoes, will have little impact on other insects.

“The number of mosquitoes we’re seeing in this area of the county are extremely high,” said Vector Control chief John Bitner in a press release. “The population control process we have in place will help, but we also need residents in these areas to be proactive in helping control mosquito populations.”

Residents can help by addressing any stagnant water on their property. Water sitting in buckets, clogged rainspouts, toys, or unattended swimming pools can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It is recommended that residents drain stagnant water every five days, Bitner says.

Water sources that can’t be drained can be treated with mosquito dunks that contain Bacillus thuringiensis israelenis (Bti), which kills mosquito larvae. These products are labeled for use around humans and pets, and can be purchased at hardware stores or other local retailers.

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