Center Stage: Re-live a Disney classic in the Fulton Theatre’s biggest production of the season

LANCASTER, Pa - Odds are, you remember the love and acceptance story of Quasimodo in the Disney animated classic, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

Now forget everything you thought you knew about it as you venture to the Fulton Theatre to see a Lancaster County rendition of the Tony-nominated musical in the local icon's largest production of the season.

"Wipe away all the preconceived notions and come in prepared to hear a human story," Kalyn West, portraying the role of Esmerelda said.

The cast believes when you examine the story set in 1482 with an eye in 2018, you may see more similarities that derive the importance of acceptance and community still important today.

"It's the story of humanity and where we want to be. It's what we all strive to be, taking care of each other, the enviornment around us, the people around us and interacting with each other in a way that's worthy of being called human rather than inhuman," Nathaniel Hackmann, playing the iconic Quasimodo, said.

You can travel to the 15th Century in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," now through July 21. Ticket information can be found at



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