Water rescue training helps volunteers carry out advanced rescues

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Volunteers spent time Sunday practicing skills to learn how to handle intense water rescues.

Personnel with Harrisburg River Rescue and Emergency Services focused on advanced line training. That type of specialized training helps first responders help someone who may be stuck on a rock along the water. It can also give them the training to enter the water and rescue someone who may be caught up in swift running water.

Organizers say there are some measures you can take to keep yourself safe and to help first responders.

"When you are in and about water, wear your life jacket. Make sure when you go to somewhere you've never boated before, take the time to ask somebody in the area what dangers do they have to be aware of like the Dock Street Dam, where we are here today. Everyone should know about the dam and the dangers of low head dams and basically they need to stay away from low head dams in here, or the state of Pennsylvania," said Chief Frank Egresitz, Sr., with Harrisburg River Rescue.

Officials say the advanced line training is something first responders need in order to  be a part of a bigger team that helps in emergencies across the state. They say it also helps broaden the knowledge of first responders, especially if they themselves would ever become a victim.


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