Restoration efforts continue after May arson at Lancaster City Hall

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LANCASTER, P.A. --- On May 23, authorities say two fires, believed to have been started intentionally, damaged the front entrance to city hall and a city-owned vehicle.

Since, Mayor Danene Sorace said they've been trying to figure out what happens next for the building.

"It's the gift that keeps on a bad way," said Sorace.

Plywood currently serves as a band-aid for the front entrance.

Sorace said they've tried everything they can to restore the doors.

"Unfortunately, they cannot...So now, the doors will come off and temporary doors will be installed until we can get our permanent replacement," said Sorace.

She said the doors date back roughly 130 years to when the building was a post office.

They will be replaced but Sorace said they are trying to find a new purpose for them.

"The bottom is pretty charred but the top part is salvageable so I'm not exactly sure...But we're interested in seeing what we can do with them," said Sorace.

She said the door replacement, expected to cost "tens of thousands" of dollars, is one of several remaining issues.

$5,000 will go towards masonry after heat and smoke damaged limestone around the entrance.

The glass transom needs to be replaced due to cracks.

Plus, the costs of a car damaged in the fire, as well as lost work time for employees after the incident.

She said the city is still working with its insurance company on a final tab.

"As a homeowner or car [owner], you don't want to have an insurance claim," said Sorace.

The arson investigation continues with police giving limited updates.

Sorace said they're just trying to cut through the noise.

"It's just been a team effort in terms of getting back to work," she said.

Authorities are still seeking any information from the public about the arson incident..

Lancaster City and County Crime Stoppers is still offering up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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