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FOX43 Capitol Beat – State Senator Mike Folmer

With redistricting reform front-and-center in Harrisburg, State Senator Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon, York), one of Pennsylvania's most impactful redistricting policy makers joined the FOX43 Capitol Beat to talk about potential changes to the state's constitution.

At the center of the redistricting debate is Senate Bill 22, legislation which proposes to create an 11-person independent commission responsible for drawing Pennsylvania's future Congressional and legislative districts. Eight of the 11 members would be decided by Senate and House leadership -- two people recommended by each Majority and Minority Leader -- and three to be recommended by the governor.

On Tuesday, an amendment to SB22 was passed which would add creating judicial maps to the commission's list of map-drawing responsibilities. Currently, Pennsylvania's seven Supreme Court justices, 15 Superior Court justices, and nine Commonwealth Court justices are decided in statewide elections. The new SB22, which could be voted on as early as Wednesday, would task panel members with creating judicial district maps for each court.