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FOX43 Finds Out: DISH dispute

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PALMYRA, Pa - Bob Dailey of Palmyra, Lebanon received a discount postcard in the mail a few years ago.

It was an offer from DISH Satellite TV that Dailey thought was a good bargain.

"If sign up by January 20th, you can get a two year contract with a 3 year price guarantee."

He called the number and signed up.

Dailey ended up paying a bit extra because of adding an additional TV and DVR.

He said he still thought it was a good deal.

"You agreed to it, I agreed to it. That`s our binding contract, let`s stick to that.">

For the most part, his bills cost around $74 a month for two years.

Then the two years came to an end and his bill almost doubled - to $121.85.

He doesn't understand why, because he believes he's still covered under the deal he signed up for back in 2016.

He called DISH and says a sales person told him "You didn`t make that deal with DISH. And I said I most certainly did!"

After that, he spoke with a supervisor and a manager.

Who he says both told him that deal is no longer available.

"But for another $8 - they would give me the new deal," he said the DISH employees would tell him.

That's not what Dailey wants.

"But I think they do that intentionally. They will drive you to the point that you just get exhausted and say, you know what? I quit. I surrender. I`ll pay and that`s not right."

FOX43 Finds Out sent DISH an email  to see why Dailey is being charged more.

Before they answered us, Dailey says they reached out to him and offered him a credit each month until February of 2019.

That would put his bill back to the $74.

DISH is also offering Dailey a single payment of $193 dollars - which is about how much more money he's be billed since February.

Dailey tells FOX43 he doesn't know if he'll accept that just yet.

"Maybe they need somebody from a higher level to explain to them when they enter into a contract that they need to keep it with the little guy."

DISH did end up sending FOX43 this response:  "DISH strives to provide an excellent experience to our customers, and we understand that top-notch customer service is a priority for our subscribers. We have offered to match the promotion shared by Mr. Dailey, and we regret the frustration this has caused."

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