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Local artist to auction off priceless painting

"Spain, France, and Italy was just wonderful.”

Michael Brothers, Sr., travels the world, taking pictures and transforming them into hand painted works of art.

“In Italy, I took over 7,000 photos,” said Brothers.

His latest project, though, hits close to home.

“I thought this was one way I could help the firemen and their families, and just to promote York and say thank you to the firemen.”

His latest painting is the Laurel fire house.

That’s where two York City firefighters were stationed when they were killed in a tragic building collapse back in March.

“My wife and I normally go past the Laurel fire house when we come into the studio and we saw some of the firemen sitting outside. They looked so sad, they looked lost,” said Brothers.

That’s when Brothers had the idea— take a photo of the firehouse, a building he’s driven by a million times, and paint it.

And once it’s complete, auction it off and donate the money to the families of Ivan Flanscha and Zachary Anthony.

“I took the painting into Chief David Michaels and he was overwhelmed.”

Because Brothers added something to his painting that wasn’t in the original photograph.

“After I was finished, I thought, wouldn’t it be great to put two doves flying up from the flag, representing Zack and Ivan ascending to heaven,” said Brothers.

The spirits of the two fallen heroes, now free in the world that brothers paints every day, commemorated here in the roots of York City.

“Our firemen, our policemen, our first responders, they mean a lot to us. And I would like people to appreciate them,” said Brothers.

He is also selling mugs, note cards, and prints of the painting.

Proceeds from those items will also go to the families of the fallen firemen.

For information on how to place a bid on the original painting, or to purchase one of the other items, visit