FOX43 Finds Out: Vacation Warning

YORK, Pa -- Sunshine and relaxation.

That's what Robert Myers and his wife thought they were going to get when they arrived at the Hotel Riu Dunamar in the Cancun area of mexico.

"It`s a trip that I paid for, for an experience I didn`t want," said Myers.

The couple from York County was hanging out on the beach in Mexico when they started talking to a vendor.

"Kind of wave the guy over, he comes over. We`re haggling back and forth, we couldn`t come to an agreement on price. He turns to walk away and he gets about 20 or 30 feet away and all of a sudden there were shots that were fired."

According to newspaper reports in the area, that street vendor was shot and killed.

Myers said, "You could hear the bullets ricocheting off the trees. You could actually hear the bullets going around you. Which was just kind of surreal in itself.">

Myers' is realistic and knows this could happen anywhere,

"I`m not a person who believes you can put the world in bubble wrap, so those things happen and I understand that."

However, it was the response from the hotel staff that set him off.

"I just spent a lot of money to come to your resort and everything else and you`re just not even acting like anything happened."

He was told  the shooting didn't happen on hotel property.

"I believe and my wife believes we were on resort property when it occurred but their stance was it`s public beach. Not their problem."

We reached out to the hotel and they sent us a response saying in part:  "Our guests' safety is our top priority and we work very hard to make everyone feel well attended. Fortunately no guest was harmed and the lifeguard that was wounded was home, safe and healthy, shortly after; so the hotel resumed normal operation and activities for all the guests."

The hotel also says all beaches in mexico are public and under federal domain.

Myers though says if that's really public property, there was nothing to let the guests know that's the case.

"There`s no indication as to where the resort property line ends and where the public beach begins. There was no direction given when we got there as to here`s where the property lines are, we recommend you stay on the resort. Nothing."

Myers is also disapointed with the travel agency he used, Liberty Travel in Lancaster.

Especially because he had second thoughts about traveling to the area a few weeks before his vacation in May.

"We reached out to the travel agent and expressed the concern. We actually had expressed we were thinking of moving the vacation to somewhere totally different and the travel agent had just expressed to us 'Hey what`s happening is an hour to two hours away. I think you`ll be perfectly fine where you`re going. You shouldn`t have any trouble," said Myers.

Liberty travel denied our request for an on-camera interview and sent us this statement:

"While we cannot undo what happened while in destination, we are working directly with the customer and hotel on a resolution. The property`s headquarters is reviewing this and we will be communicating directly with the customer once we have an update."

Liberty Travel would not confirm to FOX43 if agents will tell other travelers what happened to Myers or at least warn them of the risk.

As for Myers, he says he'll continue to let people know about his experience.

A video he posted on Facebook about the incident has more than 1,500 shares. 

"Be aware of what`s going on around you. Educate yourself. Look and find out what`s going on in that area that you`re going to visit."

The US Department of State does have several mexico travel advisories.

Most of the area is under a level 2, which means exercise increased caution.

The state department says violent crimes like homicides, kidnappings, carjacking and robberies are widespread.

It has also found the murder so far this year rate is compared to 2016, most of that is drug and gang related.

However, the state department does say some by-standers have been hurt or killed during some shootings.

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