FOX43 obtains statement from attorney for Grandview Golf Club

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FOX43 has obtained a statement from the attorney for Grandview Golf Club in the midst of racial discrimination allegations.

The statement was sent to Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Executive Director Chad Dion Lassiter on June 20 declining the request to participate in a hearing into the alleged discrimination that occurred April 21 by the club toward five African American members. Benn Law Firm Attorney Lisa Basial notes that she did not receive confirmation of the start of the hearing until two days prior.

The statement added that because three of the members filed charges, it would not be in Grandview Golf Club’s interests to testify under oath in a context where representation cannot ask questions or insert objections.


The bulk of Benn Law Firm’s statement pertains to what Grandview Golf Club said allegedly occurred.

“What Grandview would like the Commissioners to know is that this whole incident began in response to an actual problem of slow play on the golf course, and that no actions on the part of those who spoke and/or acted for Grandview were motivated by race or gender,” the statement read.

The statement added that the first call to police was motivated by the women’s verbal refusal to pick up their pace of play. And when an officer arrived, the women had picked up the pace of play by skipping two holes. The statement then notes that the women were never made aware that police had been called since the officer was instructed to leave without having any contact with them.

“Once the women acceded to the legitimate request that they pick up their pace of play, Grandview had no desire or need to take any further action,” the statement said.

The statement continued, “However, after the women took an extensive break after completing hole #9 and went to the parking lot to consume beverages they had brought to the site — another violation of the clearly stated rules — two of them attempted to resume their game without regard to any inconvenience to the other groups that were playing at the time and objected to any attempt to manage the flow of players on the course.”


Benn Law Firm also noted in the statement that Grandview reached out to the women in an attempt to apologize, met with community leaders and public officials in an attempt to find a means to benefit the community, and hired a business consultant to offer inclusive education.

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