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Skaters show off skills at Steelton Showdown Skate Contest

STEELTON BOROUGH, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.- Kids and adults of all ages participated in the Steelton Showdown Skate Contest today in Steelton, Dauphin County.

With three competitions-- the Young Guns, the Best Tricks, and the Battle in the Bowl-- skaters of all levels were able to show spectators what they are made of.

And some say skating is more than just a sport to them.

"It's a release. Especially now being an adult, there's bills, there's responsibilities, there's all these things. But when I skate, there's nothing. Just me and my board," said Fro Silva, who was a judge in the competition.

"I think today was the best day of my life because I've never ever been in a skate competition before," said Sean Alexander, Jr., a participant in the Young Guns competition.

The event was sponsored by The Skateshop at Rayzor Tattoos and the Steelton Police Department.

Prizes were donated from several local shops, and the winner of final battle won a $200 cash prize.