Auntie Anne’s introduces Birthday Cake-flavored pretzels for limited time

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LANCASTER — The sweet tooth strikes again!

On Tuesday, Auntie Anne’s announced that Birthday Cake-flavored pretzels will be available in stores for a limited time in the fall.

This is a result of the Lancaster-based soft pretzel franchise’s second annual Pretzel Nation Creation competition. Voters took to from June 19 to June 25 and Birthday Cake came out on top with 79,641 votes.

Last month, Auntie Anne’s was flooded with more than 650 suggestions for birthday-inspired flavors.

“The second annual Pretzel Nation Creation competition has been the icing on the cake for our 30th birthday celebration,” said Meredith Wenz, Auntie Anne’s director of marketing. “It’s fitting that our fans marked the occasion by choosing the Birthday Cake Pretzel. It’s going to be a pretzel unlike any other, and I invite all of you to stop by your local Auntie Anne’s to try it this fall.”

Birthday Cake defeated Caramel Apple Crème Brûlée by just 662 votes.

Last year, voters were feeling the heat when Sriracha took the crown.

The final tally can be seen below:

    • Birthday Cake: 79,641 votes
    • Caramel Apple Crème Brûlée: 78,979 votes
    • Red Velvet Cheesecake: 38,154 votes
    • Cookies & Cream: 31,245 votes
    • Tiramisu: 16,542 votes
    • Chocolate Coconut: 16,191 votes
    • Pineapple Upside Down Cake: 15,121 votes
    • Chocolate Covered Cherry: 9,314 votes
    • Cotton Candy: 8,748 votes
    • Lemonade Cake: 7,211 votes
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