Clients of Raymond Rowe ‘DJ Freez’ take a hit following his arrest; entertainment companies offer services

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- The arrest of a well-known DJ is already making an impact on Central Pennsylvania's entertainment industry.

The arrest of  49-year-old Raymond Rowe, 'DJ Freez', has left quite a few people worried about their wallet.

Rowe is in Lancaster County Prison without bail being charged in the 1992 murder of 25-year-old Christy Mirack, a Lancaster County school teacher.

According to his company's website, Rowe entertained at approximately 150 events per year all throughout the region.

Other DJs in the area say they've received calls from concerned people, clients who paid thousands of dollars to book him and don't know if they will get their money back.

Those entertainers have mixed feelings too.

"Shock was first, and then my immediate reaction was those poor brides, all I could think of was the brides," said Stefanie Feldmann, owner of J&S Events.

"I've seen him at bridal shows with his wife and daughter; he seemed like a great guy; so we all have the same, 'holy crap' moment going on, and what do we all do from here? How do we all help this situation out?" said Matthew Bogner, co owner of Mj Entertainment LLC.

Rowe owned Freez Entertainment and performed at weddings, schools, restaurants, clubs, and other parties throughout Pennsylvania.

According to Bogner, Rowe had to have quite a few bookings.

"Your top level DJs, and I know DJ Freez' history, usually book 16 months out. This is potentially impacting hundreds of people," said Bogner.

People who are now left scrambling because they don't know if they'll get their money back.

"It affects the brides. It affects their families, the stress level of everybody involved with the planning," added Feldmann.

Feldmann said she plans to help anyone now needing services on a tight budget.

"I just want the brides to know out there, if they booked that company out, and they're freaking out, if we have a date available, we're yours," she said.

Bogner also vowed to make your big day happen — whatevermatt the cost may be.

"It's not about us; it's not about MJ Entertainment; we really just want to help brides," he stated.

FOX43 did try contacting Freez Entertainment to find out if people will get their money back, but the company's voicemail is full and social media pages have been taken down.

For more information on J&S Events, visit the company's website or call 443-987-3190.

Feldmann says they offer packages under $1,000.

For more information on MJ Entertainment LLC, visit the company's website. 

Bogner says they have a special photo booth and will adjust service costs for people impacted by Rowe's arrest.

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