Turkey Hill installing blue lights in bathrooms to discourage drug use

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- A convenience store chain in our area is taking steps to stop drug use in store bathrooms.

Turkey Hill is installing blue lights in nearly 20 of its stores.

The blue lighting makes it more difficult for a person to see their veins, discouraging drug use.

Turkey Hill is working with the Loss Prevention Research Council to field-test the blue bulbs in certain stores.

The Turkey Hill mart on Clay Street in Lancaster installed the lights, and a loss prevention manager says it's been a success.

"We haven't really been finding any paraphernalia. We haven't had any overdoses. We haven't been seeing any use in our bathrooms anymore for the drug activity, in any of the locations we put them in," said Matthew Dorgan, a loss prevention manager for Turkey Hill.

Installing the blue lights is just a part of a broader set of security measures taken by Turkey Hill this year, including brighter exterior lighting and security training for store workers.

There are plans to bring more blue lighting to stores if it's successful.


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