Hot weather doesn’t stop USPS mail carriers from working

HARRISBURG, Pa. - As temperatures soar above 90 degrees, just standing in the sun for a few minutes will cause you to start sweating. Think about having to work in these conditions for eight or nine hours, because come the bitter cold temperatures or the hot heat of summer, USPS mail carriers brave the elements everyday.

"It's kind of funny because, in winter we're all begging for summer and in summer we're all begging for winter," said Jim Dietsche, USPS mail carrier.

During the summer months Dietsche relies on water and staying in the shade as much as possible to get him through his seven to nine hour work days. On really hot days, Dietsche will carry a wet towel to put around his neck. For part of his route, Dietsche will drive his USPS van but when inside don't expect him to get much of a break from the heat. The van doesn't have air conditioning, but regardless of the weather outside Dietsche says it all comes down to a love for the job that keeps him going.

"It's a tough job," said Dietsche. "But it's something I wouldn't trade for the world."

If you want to help your mail carrier out on these hot days, Dietsche suggests leaving them a cold bottle of water. He says, that can help them tremendously during their routes.

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