Police warn of different types of scams after two incidents in Chambersburg area

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– Police are warning residents of scams after two recent incidents occurred in the Chambersburg area.

On June 21, police were contacted by a resident of Chambersburg Borough in regards to an attempted scam.

Police say that the resident was contacted about doing advertisement by placing a sticker on the victim’s vehicle, advertising a tire company.

In exchange for doing the advertising, the resident was advised that check would be sent to her.

The scammer did send a fraudulent check with instructions, but the resident did not cash the check and contacted police.

Officials believe that the scammers likely would have attempted to get the resident to send money back to them in the form of gift cards, etc. after cashing said check.

On June 28, a different resident advised police that she had been contact by someone claiming to be a solider going by the name of Jame S. Landis.

The soldier claimed to be in need of $5,500 to have another soldier take his assignment to Syria.

The scammer allegedly provided photos and exchanged numerous messages with the victim via a messaging service called “hang outs.”

The victim was suspicious and contacted police, who advised that it was most likely a scam.

Police are urging residents to be alert to various types of scams and to be extra cautions when dealing with unknown person(s) who want them to send money, buy gift cards, etc.

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