New Holland man facing charges after allegedly raping a child

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A New Holland man is facing charges after allegedly raping a child.

Mark Brown, 58, is facing charges of rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and indecent assault among other charges.

In January 22 the victim told police that his “grown-up friend”, Mark Brown, had “done something bad to him,” according to the criminal complaint.

The victim said that Brown had touched and licked his genitals and that Brown forced the victim to touch and lick his genitals as well.

The victim said that these things happened to him at Brown’s home in Earl Township and at the New Holland Community Park in the 400 block of East Jackson Street.

The victim’s mother shared a text message she had received from Brown with police, in which Brown accused the victim of attempting to touch him and saying that “he knows more than he should at that age.”