Scorching temperatures don’t keep the work day at bay

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LANCASTER, P.A. --- Another hot day puts temperatures near 100 degree across central Pennsylvania Tuesday.

But the roofing business doesn’t stop because it’s hot out.

Kevin O'Connell, part owner of Joyland Roofing in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, said crews will start rolling around 6 a.m. to try to get what they can done before the hottest part of the day.

He said they focus on avoiding over-doing it.

“I’m always trying to encourage my guys, look, don’t push it too far. I’d like you to come back tomorrow and work, I’d rather you not kill yourself today,” said O'Connell.

He also said on a 95 degree day, temperatures on the roof can get upwards of 130 degree.

If the temperatures are around that figure, he said they will stretch projects out up to two days to keep work hours tighter.

O'Connell said they push hydration education for this time of year, as well as safety practices around hot equipment working with asphalt and rubber products.

“It’s playing it smart and realizing that for yourself, you’re the most important thing…keeping yourself healthy," said O'Connell.

Inside Good Times Ice in York, owner Edward Neuman said it can feel as cold as 20 degrees.

“When I go home, I don’t look forward to mowing the lawn. It’s great in here during the daytime,” said Neuman.

However, he said they’re still feeling the heat.

Fourth of July week is their busiest sales time of the year, needing double the amount of workers.

Nueman said the bulk of their work is outside, anyway, delivering the ice.

Even within the freezer, Neuman said it’s a battle with the heat.

“You have to be careful room temperatures, you have to be careful how often you open and the ice doesn’t flow from a production standpoint quite as nicely as it does in cooler weather,” said Neuman.

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