FOX43 Finds Out: Seeping sewage

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YORK COUNTY, Pa -- Randi Fawber often sees some sort of green liquid on her lawn in Newberry Township, York County.

"The water is green. And it smells. And it`s fertilizing the grass."

She says she's been dealing with the issue on the property she rents since 2010.

"It`s sewer water and it`s in my yard. I have children. I have a dog. We`re tracking it on our feet. It`s going in the car. It`s coming in the house."

Fawber believes the problem is coming from a septic tank on a hill behind her property.

She has contacted her landlord, local and state officials about the issue.

"They know this is sewage water and I don`t understand why nothing is getting done. I understand they don`t live here, but I do," said said.

The Newberry Township sewer manager confirmed to FOX43 that the stuff on Fawber's lawn is human waste.

Fawber says the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection tested it too.

"They tested the water. She got the results and came back. There is a high fecal count and human DNA in this water."

Fawber says a construction crew recently ripped up a drain pipe and now the sewage has no where to go.

"That`s their version of fixing it. Now my whole yard is filling up."

FOX43 Finds Out spoke with Newberry Township Sewer Manager Jerry Spease on the phone.

He told us the park management where Fawber Lives needs to pump the septic tanks almost daily.

He recommends the landlord buys two new 2,000 gallon tanks.

So far, Spease says the landlord has not put in any request for a permit for those tanks.

We also reached out Dennis Shaeffer, the Park Manager where Fawber lives.

He declined to speak on-camera and said he plans to put the new tanks in,  but is waiting for approval from the township to draw the plans.

When we tried to get clarification on what those plans are or if they're even needed, we didn't get answers from the park manager or the sewer manager.

Fawber says she keeps getting the run around and no one will give her a straight answer.

"This is wrong. This is gross. Do something about it," said said.

The sewer manager did tell FOX43 if the sewage comes back up, he would write the park manager a citation and would have to go to the district judge.

Fawber says she was never told that and still is waiting for the new tanks to be put in.

She also doesn't want to move because she owns the mobile home on the property and rents the land.

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