Lititz firework display benefits from construction amid future questions

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LITITZ, LANCASTER COUNTY, P.A. --- For 201 years, the biggest spectacle for the community is the Fourth of July.

A sea of blankets and lawn chairs covers Springs Park in preparation for a huge fireworks display.

"It's brings everybody's families together and as well as friends from other surrounding communities and even states," said Penn Manor Township resident Chris Glessner.

"It's a huge event every year and it just honestly seems to be getting better and better. The last couple years...they've just kind of out done themselves," said Merle Shenk, from Lititz.

Chris Hopkins, the creative director for Celebration Fireworks, said they have 3,800 devices ready to launch for the Fourth of July.

Roughly 100 devices will set off, per minute, thanks to a computer firing system that allows directors to control the fireworks within a one-one hundredth of a second.

It's a very precise method to creating what Hopkins says is a "pyro-musical."

"I have the best job in the world. My job is to sit and listen to music and decide what that song looks like in fireworks," said Hopkins.

Question arose in May 2017 when the land holding the display was sold for development.

Current construction on the land, however, could serve as a bless in a very bright disguise.

In year's past, Hopkins said they worked on 135-150 feet of space for the fireworks display.

Due to the current construction, they have 500 feet of space to use for the 2018 display.

"It gives us a grand opportunity to really kind of flex our pyro muscles," said Hopkins.

While the construction helps give the show more light this year, the question is: What does next year look like?

Jessica Kistler, a Lititz native, said she's hopeful it will all be figured out because they say it's a tradition like no other.

"If you've been born and raised in Lititz, you can't do fireworks anywhere else. You just can’t."

Hopkins said there is a plan  in place to keep the fireworks show in Springs Park going forward.

While he couldn't provide specific details yet, he said more information will come when they finish the nitty gritty details for next year.


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