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Meghan McCain asks Taylor Swift to meet fan with same cancer as her dad

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Scranton, Pennsylvania (WNEP) -- Fans take to Twitter every day to try and get the attention of their idols. Two women from Scranton are getting more attention than they expected from a plea on Twitter.

Alexandra Ditchkus tweeted asking Taylor Swift if she would meet her friend Lexi Caviston at Swift's upcoming concert in Philadelphia.

The tweet is getting national attention.

Ditchkus says after what Lexi’s been through as a brain cancer patient, she deserves anything that would make her happy.

Caviston says the last seven days have been intense for her, but that’s nothing compared to the last seven months.

In Decemeber, Lexi, just 21 years old, discovered she had glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer.

“My left eye just stopped working because the tumor was pushing down on my optic nerve, and that's what landed me in the hospital,” Caviston explained.

Through surgeries and treatments, Lexi’s friends and family have been by her side, including her best friend Alexandra Ditchkus. Ditchkus even surprised her with tickets to see her favorite performer, Taylor Swift.

“She loves her, and she always brings up the fact that she was there since she opened up for Rascal Flats,” Ditchkus said.

Newswatch 16 caught up with both women in Scranton. A few days ago, Ditchkus asked for help on Twitter so her friend could meet Swift. The tweet got the attention of Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain and co-host of ABC’s “The View.” Senator McCain is battling the same form of brain cancer as Lexi.

“Well, I like to say that we're friends now because she follows me and I follow her so like, no big deal. I think she just saw it and said I want to help these girls,” said Caviston.

Meghan McCain asked Taylor Swift if she would meet with Lexi at the concert. While that dream meeting could still happen, McCain's help is starting to spread the story across the country.

“I always joke that I’m famous now,” Caviston laughed. “I mean, it's not funny that I have a brain tumor, but like it's funny that that's how this whole thing came about.”

Family and friends of Lexi tell Newswatch 16 they hope she gets to meet Swift, but they are also excited about the opportunity to raise awareness for glioblastoma.

“It's awesome seeing everything, and she's had quite a few people come forward and say, ‘Hey, I also have this,’ “ said Joshua Ashmar, Lexi’s boyfriend.

“So far, glioblastoma doesn’t have a cure at all, so hopefully that's going to come about,” Caviston added.

Lexi tells us her form of glioblastoma is responsive to therapy and although she is facing a lifetime of treatment, she has been tumor-free since March.

As for the possible meeting with Swift, that's still in the works.

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