Distracted and aggressive driving enforcement begins in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG -- State police in Harrisburg say they are always on the lookout for distracted drivers but today their troopers are going to have an extra close eye on the roads. Today police will be stopping aggressive and distracted drivers.

This crackdown on distracted and aggressive driving is taking place in the Harrisburg area and is a push from State Police to promote safe travel by all motorists.

Trooper Brent Miller says police will be looking for three main things. "They are really going to be focusing on people texting and driving.  Also, the people who have their ear phones in their ear. They are also looking for any type of distraction or anything that could lead to distracted driving.”

So far this year State Police in Harrisburg have investigated 220 crashes just in the area of the Eisenhower Interchange that were caused by either aggressive or distracted driving.

Police say out of those 220 crashes near the Eisenhower Interchange, 40 of them reported an injury. Another 36 of those crashes that were reported in 2018 were identified as a hit and run.

State Police continued to say aggressive and distracted driving behaviors were identified as a prime factor in causing those crashes.

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