Lancaster City residents request change at council meeting following taser incident

It was the less than two weeks ago when a Lancaster City incident made national headlines, reigniting the conversation about police brutality and excessive use of force.

Rallies were held following that incident, calling for change in the city, and Tuesday night, some residents laid out the exact changes they hope to see in front of the city council.

It was June 29th when police responded to reports of a man making threats with a baseball bat.

Upon arrival, police attempted to arrest 27 year-old Sean Williams.

Cell phone video of the incident shows what appears to be a calm, compliant Williams getting tased while sitting on the curb, sparking outrage across the city.

Tuesday night’s city council meeting was the first since the incident, offering people a chance to speak directly to the council about the change they want to see.

"I’m here tonight to show my support for people who are living in the city in fear because of the color of their skin. This is not okay, and if the officer who did this was following protocol, then protocol needs to change," said Malinda Harnish Clatterbuck, a concerned citizen.

"I think the community's demand for accountability here is important but it has to go beyond an individual officer. Which is why I think the use of force policy change is so important because it can't just be, 'This happened this time' or 'That's a shame and we really object to that.' It has to be about how we keep something like this from happening to another person," said Ismail Smith-Wade-El, a Lancaster City council member.

Members of the NAACP spoke at the meeting, asking for several changes, including a transparent investigation of the incident, sensitivity training for the Lancaster City Police Department, the hiring of a diverse police force, and equipping officers with body cameras, amongst other requests.

Several people at the meeting cheered at the conclusion of their comments, showing support for the proposed changes.

As for Williams, he did file a lawsuit against the city.

Lawyers told Fox 43 this afternoon the city has yet to respond to the suit.

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