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State Police make 82 traffic stops during 24-hour enforcement period on Harrisburg’s Eisenhower Interchange

HARRISBURG — A 24-hour targeted enforcement period in the area of the Eisenhower Interchange Tuesday in Harrisburg resulted in 82 traffic stops and 76 citations along Interstates 83 and 283, according to State Police.

The enforcement period was enacted to deter aggressive and distracted driving, State Police say.

Police issued citations for:

  • 24 speeding violations
  • 3 following too closely
  • 1 seat belt violation
  • 1 distracted driving (texting while driving) violation
  • 47 miscellaneous

Police also issued warnings for:

  • Speeding (4)
  • Seatbelts (3)
  • Failure to signal for turns (2)
  • Distracted driving (1)
  • Miscellaneous (36)

During the enforcement period, State Police also investigated one DUI crash and three non-reportable crashes in the area of the Eisenhower Interchange.