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East Pennsboro residents try to halt redevelopment project at commissioners meeting

Another push to continue developing Central Pennsylvania, this time in Dauphin County.

200 First Street Associates LLC gave the commissioners and the public a presentation Thursday night, laying out their plans for the area of East Pennsboro Township along First Street, Valley Road, and Routes 11 and 15.

In their presentation, they spoke about building a hotel, convenience store, and warehouses.

But, the people who spoke at the meeting say the warehouses will turn into trucking ports, with it, bringing noise, pollution, and traffic.

"For my job, I travel 83. There are vacant warehouses for sale all along 83. Why do we need one next to a unit, schools, that are going to have huge environmental impacts," said one concerned citizen.

The land was rezoned 11 years ago from industrial to commercial, and some people at the meeting say this plan is a violation.

Also on the plot of land in question is the 177 year-old Miller/Longsdorf House, where Enola Miller was born.

That is where Enola gets it’s name.

There was also discussion about public taxes, and how the public would need to pay more if the project is stalled.

The project would be built on mostly grant money, which expires next summer.