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Man charged after allegedly threatening person with box cutter

David Slater

YORK COUNTY — A Hanover man is accused of threatening another person with a box cutter in an attempt to stop him from going to court, according to charging documents.

The incident allegedly occurred outside of a residence in the 100 block of Fulton Street on July 8.

Hanover Police responded to a home on the street just before 5:30 p.m. for a neighbor dispute where someone was threatened with a knife, charging documents add. Upon arrival, an officer made contact with 24-year-old David Slater, who turned over a box cutter to police after being asked if he had a knife.

Slater told police that he was recently charged with trespassing on the victim’s property and walked to the man’s home to talk to him about the charge, charging documents say. He denied displaying the box cutter while confronting the man.

A witness, who was not identified, told the officer that Slater and the victim were face to face on opposite sides of a chain-link fence, police wrote in the charging documents. The witness added that Slater displayed a box cutter and it was open but when advised to put it away, Slater did.

Police then spoke with the victim, who relayed that Slater confronted him about the charge on his property but outside of the chain-link fence, according to charging documents. He added that Slater told him not to go to court and allegedly told the victim “he would get even, and that he would put a bullet in his head.”

The victim also noted that the the two were in close proximity to each other when he allegedly saw Slater pull out what he described as a knife, charging documents say.

Slater was taken into custody and when he was searched, police found a metal knuckle in a pocket of his shorts. He later admitted to displaying the box cutter.

He is charged with intimidation of a witness, making repairs to or selling an offensive weapon, simple assault and criminal trespass.