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Mosquito spraying set for Monday in Mechanicsburg Borough, several surrounding townships

Taking the same well-known flea drugs commonly given to dogs and cats could protect humans against mosquitoes carrying malaria, Zika and other diseases, a new study suggests.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.– The Cumberland County Vector Control Office will conduct a mosquito prevention spraying on Monday, July 16, beginning at dusk (see map). The spraying will take place in parts of Mechanicsburg borough, and Monroe, Silver Spring and Upper Allen townships.

Vector Control will use an ultra-low volume mosquito control treatment of DeltaGard ULV, which is labeled for use around humans and animals, and will have little impact on other insects. The spraying is to reduce high populations of mosquitos, which can carry the West Nile Virus (WNV).

County residents can help control mosquitos by paying attention to and addressing any stagnant water on their property. Stagnant water sitting in buckets, clogged rainspouts, toys, unattended swimming pools, etc. can quickly become breeding grounds for mosquitos. Vector Control recommends draining stagnant water every five days.

Water sources that cannot be drained can be treated with mosquito dunks or bits that contain Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), which kills mosquito larvae.  These products are labeled for use around humans and pets, and can be found at hardware and other local retailers.

Cumberland County Vector Control/Weights and Measures oversees the surveillance and control programs for various nuisance pests, conducting a proactive mosquito control program, and partnering with the State Black Fly and Gypsy Moth programs.  Information on ticks and other household pests is also provided to County residents. Additionally, the department completes the testing and inspection of weighing and measuring devices, including fuel pumps, scales and devices used by commercial businesses. Learn more about the Department at

SOURCE: Cumberland County Communications Department