France defeats Croatia in World Cup final; Croatia fans in Steelton disappointed by the loss

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STEELTON, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. --  France took home a second World Cup title against Croatia Sunday afternoon.

France defeated Croatia 4-2, a sad loss for some people watching the game at St. Lawrence Club in Steelton.

That's because quite a few Croatians at the watch party call Steelton home; those people hoped for an underdog win today.

The World Cup Final started out rocky for the Croatians.

First - Mario Mandzukic headed the ball into his own team's goal, the first time in World Cup final history.

Then later, after Croatia ties it up, a penalty kick once again put France ahead 2-1.

Even with the setbacks, fans, wearing red, white, and blue, had high hopes for the second half.

"Just keep the pressure on them, keep it going, and grind them down, wear them out, and come out victorious in the end!" said Jim Balaban of Mechanicsburg.

"I'm praying to the lord above we have the win!" said Virginia 'Virgy' Michtich, the treasurer of the club.

"This is kind of the epicenter of our culture, and this is our club," said Jordan Golov, a Croatia fan.

"We're just wonderful, happy people, and we eat good, and naturally, we love to drink!" added Michtich.

People celebrated the highlights of the game, like the two times Croatia scored, with big hugs and by waving the country's flag.

They hydrated with Croatian beer and wore spirited outfits.

"These are my Hrvatska sunglasses! Where I'd get these?! Dubrovnik!" said Maria Romano Marcincko, the Mayor of Steelton.

The mayor boasted her Croatian heritage, feeling proud to see so many others doing the same.

"This club is many, many, many years old, and the Croatian Fraternal Organization in America is many, many, many years old, and it's good to know, that people still preserve their culture in this day and age," she added.

The club will celebrate its Croatian culture again in a few weeks.

They are hosting a feast on Sveti Lovro day scheduled for the first weekend in August.

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