Wolf Administration to provide update on Opioid disaster declaration

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Happening Monday, officials from the multi-agency Opioid Operational Command Center will provide an update on the progress made through the ongoing disaster declaration. Governor Tom Wolf first signed the 90-day disaster declaration back in January, giving the initiatives a chance to get started. Governor Wolf then renewed the effort in April.

Monday’s update will allow officials to highlight the initiative the Command Center has been working on since the first declaration, and the results of where they are now. Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine will provide information on the latest opioid prescribing guideline that has been adopted by the Safe and Effective Prescribing Practices Task Force.

Opioid Command Center incident commander Ray Barishansky will also present highlights on some of the other initiatives.

The update will take place Monday, July 16th and noon. A live stream will be available for the public to watch that link is http://pacast.com/players/live_doh.asp .