FOX43 Finds Out: Booking Blunder

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa -- An affordable building with a great view.

That's why Ronald and Peggy Thoman of Penn Township, York County say they rent the classroom at Corodus State Park in York county each year on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

"We enjoy it highly because everything is there that we need for a nice get together," said Ronald Thoman.

When the York County couple tried to book for next year though - they claim things didn't go smoothly.

Ronald says he drove to Codorus and spoke to an employee in person.

"I told her we wanted to rent the classroom for next year. She said yes, she sees it`s available."

He paid in cash, got a receipt and left.

The Thoman's say they got a phone call from Corodus State Park about 20 minutes later.

"She called to say we could not have it on that Sunday and I questioned why. She just said about well someone had reserved it ahead of you, but they didn`t make payment," said Peggy Thoman.

Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources manages the state parks and has a system allowing people to book facilities at state parks no sooner than 11 months in advance.

In this case, the Thoman's tried to book the classroom two days after their 11-month window opened.

"This makes no sense to me that with the 11 months window and the fact that we followed that rule and we had payment in hand, how could they keep it for someone for who, in our opinion, had not followed the rules and had not made payment," said Peggy.

When FOX43 Finds Out Questioned the DCNR about this and we were told "The facility in question, known as the Classroom Building is classified as a park meeting room, and as such there is not a minimum or maximum reservation window as per the business rules that govern reservation of campsites, cabins, pavilions and other state park amenities."

The DCNR also says once you make a reservation you have two weeks to pay for it.

Although the Thoman's claimed they've been told in the past the classroom falls in the 11-month reservation window.

Peggy Thoman said, "I felt we did it the fair, right way. Are other Pennsylvania take payers getting treated like this at all the other state parks in Pennsylvania?"

After an investigation into what happen, the DCNR says the double booking issue was a human error, with someone not checking the calendar before booking the spot for the Thoman's.

"Codorus State Park and the Bureau of State Parks apologize for any inconvenience this double-booking may have caused Mr. and Mrs. Thoman; they will be provided a full customer refund; and provided free use of the facility on another date," Terry Brady with the DCNR sent FOX43 in an email.

Because of all this, the DCNR  says it will consider adding the classroom to the 11-month booking window to avoid something like this in the future.

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