Bummed by your electric bill? Here are some ways to save money from PPL

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WILKES-BARRE, Luzerne County -- If you're bummed about that costly electric bill this month, you're not alone.

But take heart: PPL Electric Utilities regional affairs director Tracie Witter gave WNEP-TV, an affiliate of FOX43, some tips to save money on your bill for next month.

According to Witter, you can save money by:

  • Closing the blinds or pulling the shades on the sunny side of your home
  • Ditching the air conditioner and run a ceiling fan instead; it's cheaper to move air than to cool air, Witter says
  • Look for an Energy Star label on your air conditioning unit; you'll save 9-10 percent on your energy costs with an Energy Star air conditioner
  • Don't run dishwashers and stoves during the day if you can help it; they release a lot of heat
  • Check your doors and windows for any holes that could let cool air escape

For more money-saving tips from PPL, go here.

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