Convicted: Former York Tech teacher found guilty of touching genitals of two students

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YORK COUNTY — A jury found a former York County School of Technology guilty of touching the genitals of two students in 2016.

Kevin Nagle, 44, was convicted Friday on two counts each of institutional sexual assault and corruption of minors, court documents show.

Nagel, who managed the school store, touched the 17-year-old victims — on separate dates — under the appearance of measuring them for pants.

During the first assault, the victim — accompanied by his mother in the school store — went to the storage room with Nagle to be sized for pants. Nagle asked the victim if he could pull down his pants to get a better measurement with tailor’s tape, court documents said. That’s when the victim stepped out of the room and had a brief conversation with his mother. Nagle and the victim then went back into the room — the victim told the school resource officer following the incident that Nagle pulled down his pants without asking and touched his genitals, according to court documents. After 30 minutes, the victim pulled up his pants and left the room to see his mother.

The second assault occurred after Nagle told the victim that he wanted to talk to him about his pants that weren’t fitting correctly. The victim told police that Nagle pulled his pants down below his knees and then touched his genital area while measuring him. The next day, Nagle bought the victim boxers and pants, which he made the victim try on, police said. Nagle then “showed him” how to tuck his scrotum and penis properly, using his hands to do so.

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