Neighbors in Lebanon County dealing with heavily flooded basements; blame roadway reconstruction for the mess

SOUTH LONDONDERRY TWP., LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. -- The heavy rain in parts of our area is flooding basements in Lebanon County.

In some cases, people are dealing with feet of water.

One homeowner left her vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, after just one day, to come take care of the mess.

Kathy Fies of South Londonderry Township is supposed to be enjoying the beach.

Instead, she's been drying out carpets inside her home and pumping feet of water from her basement.

She says heavy rains come rushing off Horseshoe Pike, pouring into her house.

Fies says she's lucky to be able to get down into her basement.

Because early Monday morning, she says rain water climbed up the stairs, almost spilling out onto the first floor of her home.

"This has happened to me four times since they recrowned the road," explained Fies.

She blames the heavy storms and what she's calling improper roadway construction for the flooding.

"They have a drain far down there, and the drain far down there, but not close enough to here to drain the middle of town. So my house floods, and this apartment next to me floods, and this house floods," she said.

Now, she says she's left to pump whatever water she can from her basement, pay for the damage out of pocket, and just hope the rain stops soon.

"I've cried so much today. I don't know if I can cry anymore but I probably will tonight when I'm sitting here because I have no electric, and the phones out except my cellphone," said Fies.

She's not the only person living on Horseshoe Pike who is now stuck dealing with water damage.

"This morning about 4:30, my dog started to howl, I said shut up, go back to bed. They wouldn't shut up. I heard my neighbors out. My van was halfway covered in water," said Jean Troup, a neighbor.

That water also covered Jean Troup's basement.

She worries she may have to go to higher ground to keep her dogs safe if mother nature doesn't let up.

Jean says local leaders need to do something about it.

"They can do a much better job repairing their roads, and putting more drainage in for us, that we're not going through this, because every time, it rains, we're fearful we're going to get flooded," said Troup.

We contacted PennDOT, Lebanon County Maintenance, and South Londonderry Township about this flooding.

A PennDOT spokeswoman said neighbors living here should contact Lebanon County Maintenance about getting a drain installed.

No one from South Londonderry Township wished to speak on camera and referred us to Pennsylvania American Water.

Lebanon county maintenance has not yet returned our call.

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