Vacationers react to Hershey Park closure

The sweetest place on earth, today, seemed more like the wettest place on earth.

“We basically came for the amusement park and stuff, but due to the weather, the rain and everything, it had to get closed,” said Omar Alzamora of Alexandria, Virginia.

After heavy rainfall over the weekend, Hershey Park and Zoo America had to close due to severe flooding.

“The kids are a little disappointed that the park is closed, but we understand,” said Matt Murphy of New York.

In some spots the water came up so high, it almost touched the bottom of some roller coasters.

Park officials say closing the park was their only option because of safety concerns.

“My mom was checking her phone to look at the Hershey Park thing to get an extra ticket and she found out it was closed, and then she started crying and everyone was upset,” said one little boy.

And as of now, there is no end in sight, with rain in the forecast for most of the week.

“We were going to stay until Thursday, but that’s rapidly changing. We may leave tomorrow and head back to New York,” said Murphy.

Others, though, are not letting mother nature rain on their parade.

“Chocolate tasting, chocolate tour. Our main focus was the amusement park so we just have to come back for that next time,” said Alzamora.

Hershey Park will honor the tickets for the rest of the summer.

As of now, the park will re-open at 10 on Tuesday, barring unforeseen circumstances, but Zoo America will remain closed until further notice.

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