‘Ask Evan’: “What is the law concerning fireworks in York?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' deals with fireworks.  Steve A in York.  Steve asks, "Is there an ordinance/law about the setting of fireworks within the York city limits?  What is the time of day that setting off fireworks would be considered as disturbing the peace?"

There has been a number of questions about fireworks since the law recently changed-- allowing Pennsylvania residents to purchase a wider variety of fireworks.  Fireworks ordinances seem to vary by municipality.  What may be legal in one city may not be legal in another.

Regarding the city of York, the police chief tells us right now there is no firework specific ordinance in York.  He says people must look to PA state law for the time being, which makes it mostly illegal in the city to set them off based on the distance needed to legally ignite fireworks.  Per state law a person must be at least 150 feet away from an occupied structure, home, office, business, restaurant, even RV's in some cases.

Very few homes allow for such space within York city limits.  So, effectively those using fireworks in the city are in violation of state law which carries a  $100 fine.

The York city chief also says there's no specific rule right now against what time of day fireworks can be used.  However, a spokesman for the mayor's office says there is more to come in the future regarding a York-specific firework ordinance which would address that.

FOX43 news has recently done two news stories about fireworks and ordinances.  You can search for them on our website.

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